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Enabling Change from Values to Value in Social Innovation Challenges

Aligning People with Purpose.
Developing a Resilient Economy.
Optimizing Innovation Outcomes.

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One of this century’s biggest threats is linear thinking. Our greatest challenges, such as climate change, force us to see the world through a new lens.

We’re building the Regenerative Economy via non-linear transition strategies.

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Applied Research

Our global research experts collaborate in multi- disciplinary fields.

Design Authority

Where vast Industry expertise meets today's problems, our collective intelligence forms the authority to lead design.

Innovation Architecture

Systems Innovation leads in complex challenges to help drive Impactful Outcomes. Open Strategy leads the application of new technologies.

Smart Systems Experts

Smart Buildings, Cities and Regions across many interdependent systems utilize our research in standards and reference frameworks.

Our Core Services

Rural Resilience Design Group

A Social Innovation led consortium to create a sustaining economic shift for the Great Plains of North America.

This Bi National project will tackle key challenges in Rural Communities, Reconciliation strategies for Indigenous Peoples and Economic Resilience and Sustainability using the application of proven new innovations.

From the Digital Divide to Disaster Resilience and Optimizing Water and Agriculture resources, The Dynamic Range covers the stack.

We are working under the NIST Smart Regions Supercluster for Rural Regions in both Canada and the United States.

Vectored Value

Tuning Innovation Ecosystems as an “Ingenuity Transformer” providing workforce ready skills to ensure future Economic Resilience and applied innovation.

Utilizing Open Systems, Open Strategy and Open Innovation to enable IP to move freely to commercialization with capacity building partners.

Aligning People, Purpose, Process, Technologies and Data to orchestrate capabilities and combined value streams from Academia to Export Development stages.

Our Vectored Value platform is being utilized to apply protection for IP and allow Academic Partners to participate in global challenges like the Dynamic Range.


A Joint Venture with Strategy of Things designed to deliver “Innovation as a Service” for global stakeholders in Smart Cities, Buildings and leverage IP from the world’s leading academic research partners.

SoT(x) is an Innovation Lab that helps de-risk large Smart Systems based Infrastructure Projects with proven Smart City/ Regions Frameworks, Application Blueprints, Customized Technology Roadmaps and Tools and specific market ready deployment Playbooks.

SoT works with NIST, IEEE, and several International Infrastructure Construction Partners to develop value forward services supporting the creation and adoption of standards.

Our Team

We invite Innovators and Business Leaders to see how to participate in our Regional Projects as Facilitation Partners.