Open Innovation Labs and Growth Accelerator for Startups

What We Do:

Change Impetus Group helps startups and growth stage companies drive new business via developing strategic partnerships and customer development consulting.

We collaborate with vendors, developers and thought leaders to create new project pathways to get your ideas, products and services into market fast.

B2B Services We Offer:

Open Innovation Lab and Workshops with 3Open Labs and IoT Foundry (coming soon)

We can help “fully bake” an idea with the aid of our ideation lab or get to a validated product status with our innovation lab. Rapid development cycles and structured customer development frameworks test your value and growth hypotheses to save valuable resources.

If your product or service is under fire in the marketplace, we can help find new disruptive associations to bring your offerings back to alignment with customer needs and preferences.

We can test new social strategies to see if new, untapped customers can be serviced and what experiments can be tested fast.

(Our growing portfolio of workshops will be available in Q1 2017:)

Strategic Partnership Development

We can assist in developing a portfolio of strategic partnerships. We help drive new revenues from your existing partner portfolio as well as from new relationships. We provide the necessary experience in the following key areas:

Market Research: Understanding new markets and opportunities in order to help set strategy. Market Insights + Technology Insights= Innovation enablement.

Sourcing: Actively add new opportunities to your partner portfolio and pipeline.

Qualifying: Paring down the opportunities to successful resolution of customer satisfaction and revenue attainment.

Leveraging: Your Sales and Marketing activities and resources from partners to form effective sales focus.

Fruition: Help bring partner discussions to a successful and timely conclusion with the appropriate agreements.

Implementation: Direct internal sales and co-founders to drive a successful partner launch with KPI’s.

Management Reporting: Monitoring of partner activities and results and impacts on overall business health.

Business Development

Getting traction with global expansion requires access to markets. We have many existing partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances with established technology companies which can drive valuable growth.

We also have relationships with the top Canadian University startup faculties such as Communitech, Innovation Factory and Haltech in Halton Region, Ontario

Our network also includes The Lean Startup Circle and Startup Grind in Silicon Valley and our new partnership and “Practical Guide to Silicon Valley” for growth companies.(Q2 2016)

Sales Consulting

We have expertise and solid connections in Industry marketing, channel sales strategies, OEM and ISV licensing solutions with global technology partners.

How We Work With You:

Our Output Driven Innovation model (ODI) supports collaboration and thus co-development of IP.

IP can be then developed and used as a product in several Go To Market variants supporting your business model innovation strategies.

New ventures can be created, strategic partnerships developed as growth options for startups. For Industry partners, new high growth options can be added in the form of ventures or new companies.

We work with global accelerators and can assist in brokering new IP as products which can provide you with new Cap Sheet options, growth capital or exit opportunities.

Our compensation models vary depending on intake path, market access requirements  and/ or distribution models developed.

Typically we would work on retainer, sponsorship, equity participation and IP ownership depending on context and level of involvement.

Please feel free to contact us to start a conversation on how we can engage with your company.



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