Innovation Program Development


Open Innovation Lab and Workshops with 3Open Labs and IoT Foundry

Our Output Driven Innovation model (ODI) supports collaboration and thus co-development of IP.

IP can be then developed and used as a product in several Go To Market variants supporting your business model innovation strategies.

New ventures can be created, strategic partnerships developed as growth options for startups. For Industry partners, new high growth options can be added in the form of ventures or new companies.

We work with global accelerators and can assist in brokering new IP as products which can provide you with new Cap Sheet options, growth capital or exit opportunities.

Corporate Innovation Outposts

For Corporate Clients we offer our in market (in Lab) opportunity to apply Open Innovation services.

If your product or service is under fire in the marketplace, we can help find new disruptive associations to bring your offerings back to alignment with customer needs and preferences.

Get access to new business innovation methods via Collision Days, workshops and partnering with new companies from across the globe.

IoT Foundry Business Innovation Lab

IoT “Internet of Things”is ushering in the next huge wave of opportunity in business optimization, disruption and requires strategic co-ordination and fast moving value capture models.

The IoT Foundry combines all the necessary ecosystem components for Innovation to thrive. We provide catalyst services to bring customers, technology solution providers and startups (IP specific) together to create magic.

Technology partners support the following efforts:

  1. Startup Proof of Concept development program options (IP as the product options)
  2. Reliability and Scale with SMAC Platforms -agile development, industry related tools and solutions by vertical markets with OEMs (MSFT, HPE
  3. Technology Knowledge and Skill Transfer (Pre-sales and e Learning )
  4. Global sales and marketing support

How We Work With You:

We can co-create high performance programs for Corporate clients, Innovation Hubs and Clusters, Global IP partnerships and Venture Partners.

Please feel free to contact us to start a conversation on how we can engage with your company or innovation group.



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