About Us


Craig Stark, Managing Director

Technology Innovation Strategist & Business Development Specialist

Unlocking value and providing a clear path to results is what we do best.

We understand the issues when it comes to budgets, time to market and the politics of people- customers, investors and other stakeholders. (We have been in each category ourselves!)

We have invested considerable time making our network of Global resources, partners and strategic alliances enabled to ensure that your idea gets to it’s potential with the least friction possible.

As an Engineering Technologist with many years experience in software architecture design, marketing, sales and business development and corporate strategy, I can make sense of complex ideas.

I have funded many projects and partnered with others to create new value forward solutions. I have helped source new technologies to suit requirements and also helped companies get acquired. I am adept at fostering new relationships and building strategic partnerships. I enjoy mentoring entrepreneurs and thrive on Open Innovation Strategies.

Please feel free to reach out and tell us about your idea or product IP and see how you might benefit from working with us.